Luna Lites Cotton Pads - Refills

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Introducing Luna Lites Cotton Pads, a professional solution for off-scalp color applications. These pads are designed to emulate the head shape, providing a unique opportunity to achieve the most natural grow-out for your clients. With their pliable and flexible nature, Luna Lights stay precisely in place, eliminating concerns about slipping.

Unlike foil, cotton does not conduct heat, making Luna Lights an excellent choice for delicate areas where avoiding heat is crucial. 

Refills packs come with 100 pads in each branded bag.

• No swelling

• No slipping

• More comfortable than foil

• Easy removal

• Professional use only

• Pliable

• More gentle than foil

• Great for blended/diffused re-growth

• Seamless color

• Balayage

• Money Piece

• Hairline

• Babylights